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Is wired or wireless better?

There are pros and cons for both. Our surveyor will help to guide you to the best option for you, but these are some things you may wish to consider


  • No cables are required. However, where possible we may recommend wiring the external sounder to extend the battery life.

  • They are generally quicker to install and are east to relocate if you need to move the devices.

  • Devices do have a limited range. So, for example, if you wanted to install a sensor in your summer house 50 metres away from your panel this is unlikely to work.

  • Each device has its own battery. The battery life is generally 1 -2 years. We do recommend having the batteries changed and the system serviced annually.

  • Wireless systems can be installed with pet friendly sensors and window shock sensors.

  • Because they do not depend on cables, a potential burglar cannot simply cut the cables.

  • Although rare, wireless systems do have the potential to be hacked. They are encrypted to reduce the risk of this happening, and you should ensure you have a strong password on your Wi-Fi.


  •  Cables will need to be run. For this to be neat our engineers would need access in loft space and under the floorboards. This is easiest done in properties where flooring or plastering is not yet complete, however it is not impossible to do in finished houses but in inaccessible areas it may need to be clipped or hidden in trunking.

  • Wired alarms are generally very reliable and if you have them maintained every year will rarely give false alarms.

  • It predominantly runs off mains electricity. There is a back-up battery in the control panel and external siren, which ensures your alarm will continue to work if the mains supply is interrupted, however, this normally only needs replacing around every 5 years.

  • Wired systems can be installed with pet friendly sensors and window shock sensors

  • If cables are damaged, either through accident or malicious intent, the system may not work properly until they are repaired. This potentially leaves your property (or parts of the property if you are able to omit the damaged area from the circuit) insecure. The system will alert you if this has happened with a Tamper fault.

Monitored or Bells Only

Not all alarms are the same, and the differences can be important to know before you buy.
Most homes will have a ‘Bells Only’ alarm, but in some circumstances, more frequently in businesses, you may wish to have a ‘monitored’ alarm

Bells Only 

  • This is a standard domestic alarm. A bells-only system is an alarm that makes a noise when a break in is detected. The external alarm will sound for a maximum of 20 minutes, but the internal alarm and ‘strobe’ light on the external bell will contirnue until the system is switched off. 

  • These unmonitored systems are typically used at lower risk properties without a significant amount of contents and valuables.

  • The police will only attend these if a witness at the scene can confirm that an offence is being committed, and it is up to you or the witness to notify the police on either 999 or 101.


  • A monitored alarm is one that is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Signals from your alarm are monitored by the ARC for a fee. 

  • If there is a signal from your alarm the ARC will call you or a keyholder to check that everything is okay. 

  • This can also have a police response attached to it, so if there is a confirmed alarm and you or your keyholders are not to be contacted the police may be notified. 

Can I monitor my alarm without being connected to an ARC? 


Using smartphones and Wi-Fi it is possible to get notifications wherever you are. You can see when your alarm is set, unset and triggered though push notifications to your phone so long as you have an internet connection. 

You can also use your phone to set or unset your alarm remotely.

It won’t call the police for you, but it will notify you in something is amiss! 

CCTV systems can also be linked into this so you can view your cameras on your phone too


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set my alarm when I am asleep?

Yes. Your intruder alarm will allow for full and part setting. This means our engineer can set your alarm up to have a part setting. Typically, this would mean that you are free to move around a particular area of your home (i.e. upstairs) whilst the ground floor would remain alarmed. 

How soon can you install my intruder alarm?

Every project is a little different. We aim to install within 7 days of acceptance of our quote. We can consider fast tracking installations in emergency circumstances. 

You can also book a date further in advance if this suits your needs better

Can I add extra sensors to my alarm package? 

Yes, extra things can be added into your alarm package, at an additional cost, such as extra PIR sensors, door contacts, window shock sensors and panic alarms. Just ask your surveyor or call the office to discuss your requirements

Will my pets set my alarm off? 

As we design your system with your needs in mind we will ensure that your alarm is able to be set with your pets. This may be achieved with pet friendly sensors or with window shock sensors. The size and habits of your pet will need to be taken in consideration, and we will offer the best advice for your needs

Do you offer a guarantee on your alarms? 

There is a minimum of 12 months guarantee on all new installations 

Can I monitor and control my alarm when I am away from my property? 

Yes. As long as your have WiFi at the property we can link your alarm to an app. Once it is connected, you can view you alarm from wherever the world you are as long as you have an internet connection on your phone/tablet. 

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